Products loading in factory everyday

2023-09-18 18:34

layflat hose

Products are been loaded in our factory.

Here's the general process of how to load the hoses:


First of all, the variety and quantity of our layflat hose or fire hose would be calculated clearly to see whether the variety is complete and whether the quantity is sufficient. 


Then,the recorder will guide the loading of the container (placement of goods, light, no stepping on, etc.), tell the forklift what the next loading is, and guide the forklift in loading.

fire hose

Photos: must be clear ----including licence plate, container number, key number, finished container (open, half-open, close).


At last, we will record: Container number, licence plate number, key number, time of completion, time of departure, driver's phone number, etc. 

fire hose with coupling

ZYfire Hose Corporation, founded in 2000, we research and produce Lay flat frac hose, fire hose, rack hose, industrial hose, forestry hose, snow-making hose, irrigation hose, drag hose, potable water hose, No-dig pipe rehabilitation liner, TPR layflat hose, hose couplings, landing valves and other fire fighting equipments. Hose diameter from 16mm to 1500mm, and the length can be reached up to 10, 000 meters.


More details please contact: enquiry@zyfire.com, if you have any interest about our company or product.

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