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Agricultural Hose
  • Drag Hose

    Drag Hose

    ZYfire's DragPlus is our 3rd Generation Dragline Hose Designed and Manufactured for Excellent Performance and Service Life in Tough Operating Conditions.

  • Irrigator Hose

    Irrigator Hose

    Capacity:one million meter per month

  • Drag Hose Plus

    Drag Hose Plus

    Application: Irrigation, Pumping of sludge and liquid fertilizers,supply or drag hose

  • Supply hose NBR

    Supply hose NBR

    Application: Irrigation, Sludge discharge, liquid fertilizers.

  • Econo-Forestry


    Application: Back-up fire hoses for forestry workers, small forestry fire fighting

  • Supply hose TPU

    Supply hose TPU

    Through-the-wave TPU hose, durable, lower elongation, lower expansion.

  • TPR Layflat Hose

    TPR Layflat Hose

    Application: Economic water discharge.

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